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Through gentle guidance understand, experience and compassion, I work with parents of families and individuals that are struggling with autism.


For clients this therapy often involves allowing them to come terms with and understanding how Autism impacts their lives, and how to best manage and cope with their current situation. Focus may also be based on finding solutions to challenging behaviours and how-to best cope with the challenges faced by those on the spectrum. This work is grounded in theory, research and best practice

The autism spectrum covers a vast area from very mild to very severe. As a parent increasing your understanding and acceptance of your child’s diagnosis of Autism early on will really help you and your family more forward.

Autism is the name used for a specific set of behavioural and developmental problems and the challenges that go with them.

A diagnosis of ASD means that your child’s communication, social, and play skills are affected in some way.

Early intervention is key as it helps those on the spectrum to learn what behaviours are acceptable or a requirement, and to become more effective in communicating their needs.

For many children on the spectrum they have to learn things that come naturally to your typically developing child. Such as language and social cues.

Some individuals with mild autism go undiagnosed for many years. However, they may feel that they never quite fit in, especially in social situations. They may also experience more difficulties in relationships as their way of communication and understanding is different.

The good news is research, understanding and interventions in autism are rapidly developing.


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