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Life coaching is perfect when you simply want MORE from life but need a structured plan and to develop your focus.

Life coaching

I work with clients to help them develop their focus, define their goals, understand their blocks, and meet their challenges. Supporting and guiding them in reaching their gaols and dreams in the least stressful manner possible. Dreams and goals can appear overwhelming to us all at times but when we break them down into focused manageable steps, they are very possible. Many of my clients are surprised by and delight in their own strength and results.

Can counselling transition to life coaching?

In my experience and given the solution focused approach I often use, yes. This includes helping you identify obstacles, set goals, change your perspective, and identify and change your core beliefs. Much of the groundwork for this is covered during therapy.


Many of the clients I work with when they have dealt with the issues that have been holding them back in life, choose to go onto or return for coaching.


How do I know which one to choose? counselling or coaching?

It depends on your personal preference.

In general, if you only want to focus on what you are dealing with right now, don't want someone to ask you anything too personal, want help making action steps, and/or the area of life you are most concerned about is your personal growth, health or career, coaching might be your preferred choice.


If you are curious about breaking patterns of thinking and acting that have been plaguing your life for some time, what to feel understood at last, would like to raise your self-esteem and understand yourself better, and want to figure out what you want in life and move towards it, counselling might be the one for you.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions or need some direction.

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